CTP Digital Workflow:
• 350 GB Multi-Server (File/Font/Image) Windows 2000
• 550GB Near –Line Digital Storage High-Speed FDDI/Ethernet Network
• 15-Apple Power Macintosh G4&G5 Workstations (Mac OS&OS X)
• 2 Dell Dimension 440 PC Workstations
• Heidelberg 4200 Nexscan high resolution color scanner
• Heidelberg Delta Workflow ( postscript level 3 ) with PDF file support
• DS Screen 8000II Thermal Platesetter 45.6"x37" (computer to plate)
• Genesis Platesetter 13"x18" ( computer to plate )
• Heidelberg Primesetter 74 large format imagesetter
• Fuji Film Luxel VX -9600 CTP 32”x 42”
• Scan to disk service
• Open Prepress Interface ( OPI )
• Lo/Hi Res picture replacement
• 500 plate daily capacity

• ArtWork System Nexus Workflow_Preps Imposition Software
• Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Adobe Creative Suite 2&3, Acrobat Pro & FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, Macromedia FreeHand, Banta Integrated Media/Banta DesignMergeMac & PC, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Corel IDRAW, Corel WordPerfect

Media Supported:
• Mac DVD
• ZIP & JAZ Max/PC
• CD & Superdisc
• FTP & E-mail
Color & Grayscale Scanning:
• 2 Heidelberg 3900 Digital Color Drum Scanners, Max. Input: 20” x 25”
• Epson VT 200

Color Proofing:
Rasco Graphics has many types of proofs that will fit your job's requirements. You should have the most cost effective proof that will give you the visual information you will need to verify that the printed job will look the way you had envisioned.
Your Customer Service Representative will suggest the proper proof for you and your job. They will also help you arrange for the proof to be delivered electronically or by courier.

Electronic Soft Proofing:
An electronic "soft proof" will be sent to your computer. It will show you the size, text, and color of your job. This file should be much smaller than your original file and may be a lower resolution than the one used for printing, because the monitor does not require the high resolution that an image setter would. This proof can be used instead of the laser proof, but we suggest you continue on to the Digital Contract Color Proof for best results on color jobs
• Epson Stylus PRO 10600 with gmg-1cc hardware/software profile Max. Image Size: 44 ½” Variable Cutoff
• Fuji Final Proof Digital-Dot Proofing Systems, 2400 dpi, Max. Image Size: 21” x 26”
• SpinJet 2/S: Max Image Size: 21”x 40”
• Fuji Saben, Plate Output Size: Up to 30”x 40”
• Fuji Film Pictro Proof: 12”x 18” CMYK dotless proof
• Internet Services FTP Site

Digital Archiving Services:
This is how digital storage can help you:
• It provides immense space saving advantages- a single CD-Rom contains the data equivalent of five drawers of a standard file cabinet
• Paper documents and microfilms are scanned and then converted into high resolution, durable digital images for electronic storage and retrieval.
• Digitized files are delivered on CD’s for your convenience. In the event you need to reorder a previous job, we will save you time by having all the information readily available to us in our archives

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