Print Production Audit:
A consultant will review your current print requirements including format design, scheduling requirements, frequency, and distribution to optimize work flow and cost. During this time, print technology and designer recommendations can be suggested.

Before your material can actually go to press, it first must be developed. In the event you do not have your own graphic artist, we will gladly provide you with a talented and experienced designer to create your vision.

Based upon the audit, a cost effective quote will be created that will include all the detailed specifications for your job requirements.

Order Confirmation:
Rasco’s closed loop process insures that all details of your project including specifications, schedules, client contacts, billing info, and delivery points are effectively communicated to all partners.

Project Management:
Our exclusive project management program will be utilized to track the prepress phase, proofing period, printing/binding stage, and the distribution of the project to its final destination. We have a successful policy and procedures process that maximizes efficiency and eliminates errors during the production of your project.

Post Production Management:
Rasco will review and approve final invoices to check for accuracy. We will confirm remaining inventories and ensure that samples and postal reports are finished in a timely manner.

Final Evaluation:
After your project is complete, we will discuss communication processes, scheduling, and quality in order to constantly improve the efficiency of our business for future projects.

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