Equipment List

Rasco Graphic's production sector gives your business both valuable time and direct cost savings by providing expert consultation for your printing needs. Our clients rely upon us to offer the best advice regarding design, paper, sizes and formats, color corrections, press selection, rush job orders, and far more. It is for these reasons we have a whole department dedicated to meet the specific needs of all our clients. Rasco’s team includes expert production consultants, account executives, service representatives, and designers all with the sole focus on customer satisfaction. Read More.


The prepress department understands the value of time, quality, and the importance of deadlines. We offer the latest in graphic and word processing software for both Macintosh and PC platforms. We assure our clients prompt delivery at maximum savings. Read More.


Offset Presses:
Rasco Graphics offers to its customers the latest technologies in offset and digital printing. Whether your commercial print job requires two, four, five, or 8 color printing, the right press is available to complete each project to the highest quality standards. Our specialized knowledge in press selection contributes to time and cost efficiency for our clients. Read More.